Prettylipsco was born on Christmas day 2019. Instead of spending tons of money on individual Christmas gifts for my children, i had the idea to buy a family gift for all of us to enjoy together. I wanted to learn how to make soap myself, so i went to Hobby Lobby and purchased a melt & pour soap making kit. The idea was to spend Christmas day with my daughters making handmade lip glosses and soaps to gift to each other. I fell in love with soap making after that! I wanted to know everything there was to learn about the soap making craft, so i purchased more soap base and made more soap! I gave soap and lipgloss to my friends, family and coworkers. Not satisfied with simply melting an already prepared block of soap i wanted to get really down to the basics of how actual soap is made. So i dove in even deeper and learned about Saponification, sap values, lye discounts and a bunch of other soaping terms and methods. I learned about the different methods of soaping, curing time and the zap test! This was all to exciting for a nerd like me! I dusted off old science and math books. I had to refresh my brain on fractions and percentages, it was an experience i can tell you that! I spouted to anyone that would listen what Saponification was (the process by which triglycerides are reacted with sodium or potassium hydroxide-lye to produce glycerol and a fatty acid salt called "soap") in other words the process of mixing oils with a lye water concentration to get a reaction that then produces a hard bar of soap!

As you can see soap making is an exciting and amazing process as well a science. I have now been in business officially 7 months and i could not be happier! Starting my own business is something i never thought was possible. I am so overjoyed with the freedom i enjoy as a business owner. I know that my success is up to me! No one can stop me in my goal of becoming a successful business. This is The American dream and i am so proud to be able to enjoy the freedom of entrepreneurship!

Please enjoy this little snippet of Prettylipsco in the making...


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